Embed Social Posts Using Share-Post Extension

A new extension that makes embedding posts in your Quarto documents easy.


Charles Teague


January 26, 2024

I just put together a simple, but ho pefully useful, extension that will allow you to embed social posts within your Quarto document using a shortcode. It includes support for HTML, LaTeX, and fallback output formats, though the HTML output is really the main point.

Here’s a simple example, using the shortcode:

{{< share-post https://mstdn.social/@ramikrispin/111697864037291257 >}}

which results in a nice embedded preview, such as:

It currently supports Mastodon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s usually easy to add more, so feel free to request improvements!

Learn More

Install this extension:

quarto add dragonstyle/share-post

Learn more, suggest changes, open PRs, and more at https://github.com/dragonstyle/share-post

You can a look at a more comprehensive example (with other formats as well) at https://dragonstyle.github.io/share-post/.