Now Shipping - Quarto 1.4

Dashboards and Typst, a new manuscript project type, a cross-reference overhaul, Shiny for Python support, and a ton more.


Charles Teague


January 25, 2024

Quarto 1.4 has been officially released, which is an exciting milestone. This release was a longer cycle, taking just over 9 months and encompassing a number of pretty significant improvements to Quarto. You can learn more about what is new in this release on the Quarto Blog.

Issues and Release Length

Historically, Quarto releases have actually been relatively short, on the order of 3-5 months. This release took as us much longer than usual. In exchange for all that time, however, we made a significant dent in our issues, fixing more than 700 issues.

Table 1: Days between releases
Release Days Issues Closed Closed / Day
1.0 518 60 0.12
1.1 65 86 1.32
1.2 75 159 2.12
1.3 169 401 2.37
1.4 273 713 2.61

It isn’t clear that we can sustain this level of issue closing, but we’re just a few days into Quarto 1.5 pre-release builds and so far we’re exceeding that 2.61 / day rate. I think we obviously won’t sustain that but in the meantime 🍻.

⭐ Stars ⭐

Our GitHub stars have continued to trend nicely.

Figure 1: A Timeline of Quarto Releases and Stars