One Last Note on Trends


Charles Teague


December 19, 2008

Prompted by Nate’s comment, here are a couple more looks at application trends on the app Store. First, if you have a look at the distribution of applications by price over time, you can see the rise of $.99 and $1.99 apps, along with the corresponding fall in free applications. Applications priced $4.99-$9.99 also see a decline, while most other prices are essentially stable.

Interestingly, with just a couple of exceptions, the distribution of categories appears to be stabilizing a bit, at least for the top genres. Games represent about a quarter of the applications in the store. The big mover appears to be medical, which has grown to more than 5% of the apps in the store.

And in a final note- the growth of the apps in the store continues to be steep- closing on 12,000 applications…