20,000 Applications and Counting


Charles Teague


February 26, 2009

Ok, there are now more than 20,000 applications in the App Store. Amazing.

And to give you a bit of perspective, it took 155 days to get the first 5,000 application. Getting from 15,000 to 20,000 took just 23 days. Getting from 20,000 to 25,000 will now take less than 20. The continued growth, especially now that we’re past the holidays really is staggering.


And in case you’re wondering what the first application in the App Store was, here are the first 10 applications that were available in the App Store.

Date Name Genre Price
5/28/2008 AIM Social Networking $0.00
5/29/2008 Evernote Productivity $0.00
5/29/2008 nikoli SUDOKU Vol.01 Games $1.99
5/30/2008 AOL Radio Music $0.00
5/30/2008 Bloomberg Finance $0.00
5/30/2008 TypePad Social Networking $0.00
5/30/2008 Aqua Forest - Powered By Octaveengine Casual Games $7.99
5/30/2008 Bomberman Touch - The Legend of Mystic Bomb Games $7.99
5/30/2008 Frommers San Francisco Travel $9.99
6/2/2008 Photobucket for iPhone Photography $0.00

AIM was the first application for the iPhone- amazing.

If you’re curious, take a look for yourself- here is the latestdata[.xls file] from this morning. Feel free to use it to do your own analysis, just drop me a line with your results!